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The AKMS system is a cloud service that is designed to:

- Identify sources of information leaks via cellular, stationary, and IP-communication channels;
- Exercise control over staff: monitor incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, communication, and location;
- Conduct investigations in the field of economic and information security;
- Create reports for both individual employees and groups for any date or time period;
- Carry out a statistical ("behavioral") analysis of the users' information (event model);
- Update information about calls, SMS, and location;
- Store corporate/external user data in a single database (including multiple providers in the same database);
- Automatic parsing PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, XML and TXT data files.

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Business Owners

Get the best reports from security services about the calls and SMS messages of your subordinates, as well as subscriber location if you use a subscription system.


Keep situations under control. Prevent leaks of confidential information. Find out who a particular employee or group of employees is calling or messaging. Make better-informed decisions.

Security Service

Conduct investigations in economic and information security. Analyze data and draw conclusions.

Rules and Standards

The AKMS System is designed and operated according to the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security standard.

The use of the AKMS System allows a shift from a manual or semi-automatic data processing system to an automatic one and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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Achievement of Goals

Privacy is achieved through the clear assignment of access levels, protection of communication channels, and data encryption. Access to the System will be granted only to the user who has the right to it.

Integrity is achieved through the creation, storage, and processing of data. Even if your company uses the services of not one, but several providers, the data will be merged automatically. As data accumulates, the analytical capabilities of the System increase, and the integrity of the information remains unchanged. No one can "fix up" the data or remove something "on request."

Availability is achieved through the use of data centers with Tier3-level reliability and additional redundancy. You can use the System with any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, 24 hours a day.

Privacy and Security

You can restrict access by IP-address or by SMS, and you can also use the secure https protocol. For your safety, a separate server is allocated to each client.

Time and Effort

Preparing a report manually would normally take about a week. Reports in the AKMS System are generated in seconds. Just print them out and put them on the manager's desk.

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Relevance of Information

Numbers (SIM card) can be used at different times by different employees. This month, a number was issued to the chief accountant; three years before that, the number was used by the head of the legal department. Yesterday, the number was external, and it has now become internal. The System generates reports while taking into account this information.

Correctness of Data

A manual or semi-automatic process is complex and long, with a high risk of errors or inaccuracies. And if the company has more than one provider, it's practiaclly impossible to combine the information manually. The automatic system will process data for any number of subscribers and providers.

Reporting and Analytics

The system allows the use of pre-installed (base) reports and the creation and saving of customized ones. You can unload them from the system in a PDF format, or you can simply print them. A convenient query history ensures that you'll never lose a report.


No need to conduct an analysis on the phone in person? The System allows you to set any number of exceptions. In this case, selected numbers will not appear in any reports or analyses.

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System Functions

1. Searching of directories of internal and external customers

Immediately after loading the configuration files onto the system, you can carry out a database search in a directory of internal and external customers. There are basic pre-installed options. You can create your own as well. Database searches are fast, and reports are generated in seconds.

2. Renaming of Subscribers

Any subscriber (internal or external) can be, for clarity, renamed. You can add e-mail addresses, license plates, positions within a company, and other relevant information. We will automatically rename your subscribers according to a provided list and automatically update it.

3. Automatic renaming of external subscribers

An internal corporate subscriber calls, on average, 50 numbers per month. There is no need to spend time searching for who owns the number called. If it's a bank, showroom, online store, or any other well-known institution, the AKMS system will automatically try to rename the maximum number of numbers possible and tell you who your employee called or who called him or her.

4. Location

The AKMS system can show where the subscriber is located at the time of a call. This function depends on the operator, the region, and the settings of your service plan.

5. Event Model

If something has changed within your company, such as a new contract being signed or the introduction of a new manager, the AKMS system will draw graphs of subscriber activity. Use this data to refine the list of persons involved and time intervals for inspections. Set automatic notifications if employee activity increases.

Real examples of the System at work from our clients

1. Several employees were investigated. It turned out that one of them had incoming SMS messages from an unknown external mobile phone. He was investigated further: no calls, incoming or outgoing. Only incoming SMS messages. When the SMS messages arrived, the employee immediately began making calls from a different phone.

2. The employee, having completed a major contract, called and picked up calls from a known car dealership. Management had had some suspicions that only further intensified.

3. The sales manager left early every Friday to visit his client. It turned out that he was traveling to the countryside and making calls from there.

System Requirements

SaaS: we support Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS operating systems, as well as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone for mobile.

Software License: We support VMware, vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V.

The AKMS System can be used with any modern device connected to the Internet: PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

AKMS users comments

«With the help of the AKMS System, our security service protected our company from internal threats and the leakage of confidential information through corporate mobile communications. In our first days of work with the system, we were able to identify a number of staff members with suspicious activity and unauthorized spending on communications.»

Energy - 60 subscribers.

«Our company is spread out geographically. Offices, headquarters, and subsidiaries are located in various parts of Russia. Depending on the region, we sometimes use all three providers.The AKMS System has helped us combine data and efficiently perform economic and informational investigations.»

Extractive industry - 450 subscribers.

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